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[hal-01529359] The quasilinear theory in the approach of long-range systems to quasi-stationary states  (5/31/17)  
[hal-01510488] Cosmological evolution of a complex scalar field with repulsive or attractive self-interaction  (4/20/17)  
[hal-01490216] Ground state energy of the δ-Bose and Fermi gas at weak coupling from double extrapolation  (3/22/17)  
[hal-01413008] Extrapolation methods and Bethe ansatz for the asymmetric exclusion process  (12/12/16)  
[hal-01401579] Collapse of a self-gravitating Bose-Einstein condensate with attractive self-interaction  (11/24/16)  
[hal-01401489] Nanodomains in Biomembranes with Recycling  (11/24/16)  
[hal-01380598] Secular diffusion in discrete self-gravitating tepid discs I. Analytic solution in the tightly wound limit  (10/14/16)  
[hal-01379504] Partially relativistic self-gravitating Bose-Einstein condensates with a stiff equation of state  (10/12/16)  
[cea-01366736] Collective response to perturbations in a data-driven fish school model  (2/18/17)  
[hal-01360415] A variational approach to the liquid-vapor phase transition for hardcore ions in the bulk and in nanopores.  (10/18/16)  


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Statistical Mechanics Processus stochastique Fokker-Planck Self-gravitating systems Nanofiltration Bethe ansatz Encounters Statistical mechanics Adsorption Colliqionless stellar-systems Thermodynamics ADN Marcheur aléatoire Chemotactic aggregation Catastrophe Effondrement gravitationnel Théorème du viriel Chemotaxis Euler-Poisson Gravitational collapse Collective behaviour Dynamic transition Asymptotic expansion Euler-Maclaurin Metastable states Current fluctuations Transition vitreuse Colloids Long-range interactions Baseball Membrane transport Critical exponent Chemotaxie Bending EMERGENT PROPERTIES Persistence Smoluchowski-Poisson Glass transition DYNAMICS SIMULATIONS Dipole Bose Einstein condensation ELECTROLYTE TRANSPORT Cyclodextrin Computational modelling AQUEOUS-SOLUTIONS Polytrope Random walker Dynamical friction Disordered systems Dynamical scaling Interacting agents 7722Ej COMPOSITE POLYAMIDE RO AQUEOUS-SOLUTION Diffusion Generalized thermodynamics DNA CARBON NANOTUBE MEMBRANES Random process Brownian motion Brownian Dynamics Drag forces Dissipationless galaxy formation Entropy Collapse Brisure de symétrie des répliques Angle-action variables Brisure de symétrie BEHAVIOR Coarsening COMPUTER-SIMULATION Crossings Electrolytes Edge Tensions Collisionless stellar-systems AIR/WATER INTERFACE Game theory Keller-Segel Virial theorem Random tilings Electropermeabilization Enumeration Violent relaxation Competition COATING LAYER Physique statistique Classical phase transitions theory Denaturation Barotropic stars Mouvement brownien TASEP Dwarf galaxies Evaporation Absorption 0510Gg Phase transition Turbulence Smoluchowski equation Effet Casimir thermique Ions close to interfaces