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[hal-01422586] Multi-cultural Wikipedia mining of geopolitics interactions leveraging reduced Google matrix analysis  (05/06/2020)   Moins
Geopolitics focuses on political power in relation to geographic space. Interactions among world countries have been widely studied at various scales, observing economic exchanges, world history or international politics among others. This work exhibits the potential of Wikipedia mining for such studies. Indeed, Wikipedia stores valuable fine-grained dependencies among countries by linking webpages together for diverse types of interactions (not only related to economical, political or historical facts). We mine herein the Wikipedia networks of several language editions using the recently proposed method of reduced Google matrix analysis. This approach allows to establish direct and hidden links between a subset of nodes that belong to a much larger directed network. Our study concentrates on 40 major countries chosen worldwide. Our aim is to offer a multicultural perspective on their interactions by comparing networks extracted from five different Wikipedia language editions, emphasizing English, Russian and Arabic ones. We demonstrate that this approach allows to recover meaningful direct and hidden links among the 40 countries of interest.

[hal-02611821] Large amplitude electromagnetic solitons in a fully relativistic magnetized electron-positron-pair plasma  (16/06/2020)   Plus
[hal-02534927] Chaos-assisted tunneling resonances in a synthetic Floquet superlattice  (08/04/2020)   Plus
[hal-02531313] Quantum mechanics-based signal and image denoising  (13/06/2020)   Plus
[hal-02525689] Properties of phonon modes of an ion-trap quantum computer in the Aubry phase  (01/04/2020)   Plus
[hal-02516739] Jaynes-Cummings model under monochromatic driving  (09/04/2020)   Plus
[hal-02513466] Thermoelectricity Modeling with Cold Dipole Atoms in Aubry Phase of Optical Lattice  (25/03/2020)   Plus
[hal-02482438] Crisis contagion in the world trade network  (28/02/2020)   Plus
[hal-02482347] Electron pairing by Coulomb repulsion in narrow band structures  (17/06/2020)   Plus
[hal-02469377] Wikipedia network analysis of cancer interactions and world influence  (27/02/2020)   Plus
[hal-02469350] Interactions of pharmaceutical companies with world countries, cancers and rare diseases from Wikipedia network analysis  (27/02/2020)   Plus
[hal-02379093] Adaptive transform via quantum signal processing: application to signal and image denoising  (14/06/2020)   Plus
[hal-02338655] Thermoelectric properties of Wigner crystal in two-dimensional periodic potential  (12/03/2020)   Plus
[hal-02303069] Quench, thermalization and residual entropy across a non-Fermi liquid to Fermi liquid transition  (01/07/2020)   Plus
[hal-02302961] Riemann surfaces for KPZ with periodic boundaries  (01/07/2020)   Plus


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