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Welcome to the Climate Research Group collection

Our Climate research group is focused on the interplay between external forcings and internal feedbacks of Earth's climate system. This interplay controls the evolution of marine and continental environments (ocean, continental surfaces, cryosphere) at a large range of spatial and temporal scales. Our group pionneers a wide range of techniques, using state of the art instruments, and by pioneering development at the forefront of geochemical, numerical and micropaleontological techniques. Techniques that we use to further understanding of the processes at play in the climate system are micropaleontology (diatoms, coccolithophorids, foraminifera, pollens, phytoliths, plants), organic geochemistry, elemental geochemistry, isotopic geochemistry (stable, cosmogenic & radiogenics), statistics and models. Our research is focused on, but not limited to, one of the key regions investigated by CEREGE scientists since its creation, the intertropical zone. More recently, we have been expanding our field work into the high latitudes. .

Latest submissions in HAL !

[hal-02407751] High-resolution vegetation and climate change associated with Pliocene Australopithecus afarensis


[hal-01460380] Evidence for large methane releases to the atmosphere from deep-sea gas-hydrate dissociation during the last glacial episode


[hal-03107451] MedECC 2020 Summary for Policymakers





Catherine Beaussier
Tél. (+33) 4 95 04 41 43

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