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NOV'AE is an original journal in the landscape of public research, which publishes in French in an accessible format. Its goal is to encourage the dissemination and sharing of technical productions, protocols, prototypes and methodologies that are often original, and designed and implemented within the institute in the framework of research programs or in support of research. Most of its contributors therefore belong to the technical personnel, although scientists also publish in it.

Furthermore, the journal has set up personalized writing assistance in order to assist the authors, who are sometimes publishing for the first time, to publish. It also organizes writing workshops, face-to-face or remotely, in relation with the permanent local training department of the INRAE.

All the articles submitted are reread by at least one specialist in the theme dealt with, who gives an opinion on the consistency and interest of the article for the journal and its readership.

NOV'AE is published in two formats:
> ordinary editions that are completely digital, supplied with articles posted on line on its site once validated;
> special editions on a specific subject proposed by an identified commissioning entity (often a department or division of INRAE, etc.) and a specific peer review committee. Some of these special editions are also printed on paper.

The articles are published under CC-BY-SA, with an abstract in English, and are available on the journal’s website:

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