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The open archive HAL

HAL is an open archive where authors can deposit scholarly documents from all academic fields.

For the attention of the authors

  • The deposit of the fulltext should be made in agreement with the co-authors and in the respect for the policy of the publishers.
  • The deposit is subject of a control, HAL reserves the right to refuse items that do not meet the criteria of the archive.
  • Any deposit is definitive, no withdrawals will be made after the on-line posting of the publication.
  • Text files in pdf format or image files are sent to CINES for long-term archiving.

For the attention of the readers

  • In a context of electronic distribution, each author keeps their intellectual property rights.

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Sharing Scientific Publication Data - A Guide for Researchers

How to share data related to your scientific publications? Developed by the Research Data College of the Open Science Committee, this guide helps researchers in this process, which contributes to transparency and promotes the reuse of research data. The CCSD participated in the writing of this guide.




Parlons science ouverte : Publier en Open Access Diamant sur Episciences

Le 5 avril dernier, le CCSD a proposé le webinaire “Publier en Open Access Diamant sur Episciences : un modèle de collaboration avec HAL, arXiv, Zenodo ou CWI. Focus sur les projets HALowin et PerEpiga”. La séance a été enregistrée et vous pouvez la découvrir (ou la revoir). Ce webinaire était présenté par Céline Barthonnat […]

Release notes HAL


CCSD : publication du rapport d’activité 2021


Et si on parlait des statistiques de consultation de vos dépôts ?


Accord national avec l’éditeur Elsevier : mise en oeuvre des imports dans HAL (la suite)