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, Curriculum Vitae

, Current Position and Personal Informations Current Position: Associate Professor (Maitre de conferences, tenured) Email:bernardetta, Contact

, Education October 2005 Advanced School on Parallel Computing at CINECA (Italian center for High Performance Computing

A. Alessandro, M. Cava, and E. Grazzini-date, Global optimization using local searches" Supervisor: Prof. Fabio SCHOEN Members of the Jury, Summer School on Parallel Computing at CINECA April 2005 Ph.D. in Computer Science and Automation Engineering, 2005.

, Supervisor: Sven LEYFFER (Computational Mathematician), 2004.

B. Marjan, L. Student, U. Ul, and . Rome, Meihui spent some months in Italy under the supervision of G. Carello. The thesis will be discussed at the end of the year, Supervisors: Christophe CASTEL (LRGP), Veronica PICCIALLI (Rome), 2016.

, The subject of this PhD thesis is the result of a multisciplinary collaboration with the LRGP laboratory. V. Piccialli and me supervise the optimization methods contribution, while C. Castel covers the application expertize

D. E. Francesca, P. Bettin-(m2, and . Milano, Supervisor: Giuliana CARELLO. Title: On a Network Function Virtualization Orchestration problem with uniform chain allocation and simple path routing: properties and formulation

C. Antonella, R. , and P. Milano, Supervisor: Giuliana CARELLO. Title: Joint Energy Management of cloud infrastructures and networks

K. Magdalena and U. Rome, Tor Vergata" -stage at LORIA). Supervisor: Veronica PICCIALLI. Title: An optimization framework for membrane system automatic parameter tuning

L. A. Giulia, P. Rosa-(m2, and . Di-milano, Title: Optimizing cellular networks planning and management from an energy-aware perspective: MILP formulations and MILP-based techniques

R. Mattia and P. Di-milano, Supervisor: Giuliana CARELLO. Title: Heuristics for an energy-aware management problem in cellular networks

F. Angelo-bombardieri, ;. M2, and P. Di-milano, Supervisor: Danilo ARDAGNA. Title: Tecniche di Resource Allocation per la gestione dei consumi energetici di Service Center con vincoli di availability (Resource Allocation methods for service center

, ? International -Design of Reliable Communication Networks (DRCN 2016) -International Conference on Green IT Solutions

, ? National -Algotel 2018 -20eme Rencontres Francophones sur les Aspects Algorithmiques de Télécommunications -SDN DAY 2016 -Optimisation et algorithmes pour les réseaux SDN. -MOSIM 2014 -10ème Conférence Francophone de Modéélisation, Optimisation et

?. Sdn-day, Optimisation et algorithmes pour les réseaux SDN. Reviewer activity Reviewer for International Journals, 2016.

, Deputy head (responsable adjoint) for OP-TIMIST research group at Loria ? 2016. PI -PEPS Mirabelle MIND: Mixed Integer Nonlinear programming for membrane system Design

, Active partecipation to the management of a research project between Alcatel-Lucent and the OR group of Politecnico di Milano ? 2007. Organization committee for HYCON-EECI, Graduate School on Control, 2007.

, Part of the organization of the HYCON network of excellence, 2006.

, Title: Optimization of Virtual Networks: design and assessment (examiner). -2014: Truong Khoa Phan, Dalal Belabed, in Informatics, Telecommunication and Electronics from Université Paris 6

, PhD Thesis Reviewer For Italian PhD schools' rules, a stabilized researcher with a good expertize in a scientific field can be reviewer for a Ph.D. Thesis, after approval of the PhD school commision (no HDR is necessary). -2014: Inad Nawajah

. Rome, ALGORITMI A COLAZIONE -Minicourse An introduction to stochastic global optimization -How to make simple algorithms smart!, Universitá di Roma "Tor Vergata, 2018.

N. , Introducing implicit information in optimization methods: how to make smart a simple algorithm, 1st Symposium Mathematics for Decision and Discovery (M4D2), 2016.

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/. Evanston and . Chicago, Trust region framework for global optimization at Northwestern University, 2004.

. Vienna, Trust region framework for global optimization at Institut fur Statistik und Decision Support Systems, 2004.

, Design and development of optimization algorithms for book packing. The underlying optimization problem is a 3-dimensional bin-packing with different size boxes and side-constraints, 2006.

?. Courses-in and . English,

?. Courses-in and . French, Optimisation et Gestion de Production/Optimization and Production Managing (31.5 h/year) -2014/15-2016/17 Cours d

?. Tutoring and 3. 2a, Previous teaching activities ? 2008/09 OR Workshop course (master students) Politecnico di Milano ? 2005/06-2006/07 Combinatorial Optimization course (master students) at Univ. di Firenze ? Exercise session for different OR courses (master and bachelor): -2011/12-2012/13 Universitá degli Studi di Torino -2007/08, 2009/10 Politecnico di Milano -2006/07 Universitá degli Studi di Siena ? Lab session for OR courses, 2001.

(. Loria/rome, The collaboration started with a stage at LRGP/LORIA and a master thesis titled "An optimization framework for membrane system automatic parameter tuning" at University of Rome, under the supervision of Veronica Piccialli (Rome) and myself. In the master thesis a first optimization model able to solve a fixed design membrane system in a simplified form has been proposed and validated and was presented in a conference [O1]. The collaboration is continuing. In 2016 we received the support of a PEPS Mirabelle (MIND) and obtained a grant for Ph.D. thesis (Marjan Bozorg) started in October 2016. The PhD thesis is part of an international agreement for a double title between the University of Lorraine and the University of Rome "Tor Vergata". M. Bozorg obtained a Vinci grant for mobility between France and Italy. The proposed method was validate using a case study from the literature, From an optimization point of view, the design of membranes can be modeled as a Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

, alphabetical order, therefore almost all my contributions follow this rule. Exceptions to this rule are explained by different policies of different communities (where, for example, the first author must be the PhD student working on the project to highlight her/his original contribution), or specific circumstances: ?

, the results of a large team work on an optimization competition, we decided for a first arrival first served policy

, Summary -International Journals: 27 -Book chapters: 2 -International Conferences with review, p.9

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