, Requirement: (mod=Modality p+=Proposition+) | (p+=Proposition+ lead=LeadTo q+=Proposition+)

, Proposition: obp+=OpenBracket* (iter=Iter? | neg='not'?) fact=Fact cbp+=CloseBracket* bool=Bool?

, StartFact: (stateTerm=StateTerm (verb=Verb | timeTerm=TimeTerm)) | tab=Tab | val=Value | c=Clock

, EndFact: (comp=Comparator | op=Operator) ((stateTerm=StateTerm timeTerm=TimeTerm) | val=Value | tab=Tab)

, StateTerm: st=("task" | "resource")

, Clock: c="clock

, Value: val="value

:. Timeterm and . Tt=,

, Verb: v=('is_waiting' | 'is_working' | 'is_starting' | 'is_finished' | 'is_stopped' | 'is_available' | 'is_active')

, Comparator: comp=('is_less_than' | 'is_greater_than' | 'is_equal_to' | 'is_not_equal_to')

, Operator: op=('plus' | 'minus')

, Bool: b=('and' | 'or')

, Iter: it=('for all' | 'it exists') itType=IterType

, IterType: id_it=('tasks,' | 'sequence_flows,' | 'message_flows

, Modality: reachable=

, LeadTo: lt='lead to

, CloseBracket: cb=')

, OpenBracket: ob=

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