Simple and advanced searches

Searching documents and using search results in HAL from OAccsd


 Simple search

To search for publications in HAL, use the "Search" tab :

Simple Search is the default search in this tab. It searches in all the following fields at the same time :

  • Deposit identifier
  • Author's name
  • Title, subtitle, abstract and keywords
  • Publication date
  • Journal title
  • Book title
  • Conference title
  • Name and acronym of ANR or EU project
  • All identifiers (DOI, id arXiv, IdHAL...)
  • Name, acronym and code of research entities or organizations

Simple search uses the following default filters :

  • Document types: patents, posters, research data, records and attachments are excluded,
  • Deposit types: records and attachments are excluded.

You may refine these filters by adding deposit or document types, or otherwise by excluding them and unchecking the corresponding items.


Advanced search

Advanced searches are multiple criteria searches :

  • either using a multiple criteria entry field, i.e. the same field used in simple searches
  • or using different fields

All field can be searched. A list of filed is displayed, listing fields by "categories" (author, organization, etc.).
For truncations, use the question mark [?] to replace one character and the asterisk [*] to replace several.

Some compound fields combine several fields that will be searched simultaneously.

For example, the ANR project field (multiple criteria) enables a search in all fields pertaining to the project :

To extend your search to the full-text ¨PDF, use the "indexed full text of PDF documents".

Result lists

Different types of documents take different colors.
Various icons show the types of deposits : a file for a file deposit, a suitcase for attachment deposits (simple records have no icon).

Filters : the filters shown at the left-hand top are those used for the query, during the previous step.

Faceted navigation : it helps filtering out the visualization of results. Here are the available facets: Document type, Author (and author form with IdHAL identifier), Discipline, Organization, Language, Deposit type, Year

Example : "Author" facet. With this facet, all authors available in the documents are listed with the number of documents matching the query. This documents can be viewed.


HAL user manual August 2016