=. Rch, such that C W (L) is not included in D M (L) The constants hidden in the ? and O notations are absolute and do not depend on µ nor ?. Moreover, W can be made indifferently finite or infinite

. Proof, M. Let, and L. , Recall that tetrahedron whereas its facets do We assume without loss of generality that c is not an endpoint of the Voronoi edge e, which means that the bounding sphere of the Delaunay ball B(c, c ? p) contains no point of L other than p, u, v, w. This condition can be ensured by an infinitesimal perturbation of the points of L \ {p, u, v, w}. Let d c = min p ? ?L\{p,u,v,w} c ? p ? . This quantity is greater than c ? p since B(c, c ? p) contains no point of L \ {p, u, v, w}. Consider any (finite or infinite) set of witnesses W ? M ? such that, for each facet ? of, W contains at least one point of M ? ? V(?) (every such point witnesses ? and its subsimplices

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