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The open archive HAL

HAL is an open archive where authors can deposit scholarly documents from all academic fields.

For the attention of the authors

  • The deposit of the fulltext should be made in agreement with the co-authors and in the respect for the policy of the publishers.
  • The deposit is subject of a control, HAL reserves the right to refuse items that do not meet the criteria of the archive.
  • Any deposit is definitive, no withdrawals will be made after the on-line posting of the publication.
  • Text files in pdf format or image files are sent to CINES for long-term archiving.

For the attention of the readers

  • In a context of electronic distribution, each author keeps their intellectual property rights.

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The CCSD team wishes you a happy new year 2022. May this new year bring you happiness, great projects, and an ever more open science!


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Accord national avec l’éditeur Elsevier : mise en oeuvre des imports dans HAL