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The open archive HAL

HAL is an open archive where authors can deposit scholarly documents from all academic fields.

For the attention of the authors

  • The deposit of the fulltext should be made in agreement with the co-authors and in the respect for the policy of the publishers.
  • The deposit is subject of a control, HAL reserves the right to refuse items that do not meet the criteria of the archive.
  • Any deposit is definitive, no withdrawals will be made after the on-line posting of the publication.
  • Text files in pdf format or image files are sent to CINES for long-term archiving.

For the attention of the readers

  • In a context of electronic distribution, each author keeps their intellectual property rights.

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Sharing Scientific Publication Data - A Guide for Researchers





Parlons science ouverte : les logiciels dans HAL

Le 31 mai dernier, le CCSD a proposé le webinaire “Les logiciels dans HAL : une collaboration entre Software Heritage, Inria et le CCSD”. La séance réunissait Roberto Di Cosmo (Directeur de Software Heritage), Morane Gruenpeter (cheffe de projet chez Software Heritage), Alain Monteil (responsable du service IES, Inria) et Bruno Marmol (Responsable production et […]

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Ouverture du portail HAL Isara : rencontre avec l’équipe

(6/21/22) va devenir


Nouvelle gouvernance du CCSD : le conseil scientifique international est créé