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. Table-iv-classification-accuracies-(in-%)-obtained, . By, . Mutag, . Ptc, . Enzymes et al.,

M. Kernel and . Ptc-enzymes-d-&-d-nci1-nci109,

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3 and . 4},

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.4

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.4

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.4

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3 and . 5},

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.5

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.5

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.5

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3 and . 6},

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.6

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.6

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.6

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3 and . 7},

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.7

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.7

.. .. Sge-(t-=-{3, , vol.7

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