, 2. approaching training and education strategically and in a coordinated fashion

, 3. deepening the connection to Arts and Humanities communities

, 4. strengthening DARIAH's voice in policy and advocacy

, Frank Fischer presented some DARIAH driven services, such as the single sign-on, the DH Course Registry (in collaboration with CLARIN), the Geo-Browser, Text-Grid

, define the rationale and scope for implementing service management and get top management commitment and support

, Identify/assign roles and responsibilities for planning/implementation

, 4. perform an initial organisation maturity assessment

, 5. define a service management plan with overall goals and milestones

, 6. start defining policies, activities and procedures for each process

, assess progress through formal reviews or audits

, Yannick Legré also explained the benefits of having an Integrated Management System (IMT), which helps to put in place standard processes, procedures and agreements for managing the infrastructure efficiently and effectively, increases clarity on expectations between EGI partners and customers, makes decision-making clearer and gives knowledge and experience that can be

, DESIR INFRADEV-03-2016-2017 -Individual support to ESFRI and other world-class research infrastructures

, Breakout Session: Discussion Over lunch

, The outcomes of the discussions were summarised in the plenary during the last session of the workshop