S. Kami, Damaï Village of Sirubari with dispersed habitat, vol.21, p.83, 2017.

, After six days, three main topics emerged from the group and each one could have been chosen as a basis for our play: one considered gender violence; another examined domination in touristic management; and the last one evoked caste discriminations. The group finally decided to focus on gender relations and alcohol problems creating violence in the family context, Gathering stories about harassment or prejudices, bringing an object and writing a story from it, inventing a song, dancing

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, The line must start with a concrete memory, and continue with projections of your future. Here, it was surprising to see that girls could plan their early future with ambition (being first in class for example), but could not imagine anything after school except marriage and death. Though they are young, strong differences appear as social gaps and this exercise allows teenagers to see that opportunities in life have to be invented. Moreover, on many lines, the participants started by writing what society expects them to be ('I want to be married at 25' for a boy for example), and then crossed out their line to write something else, line The same activity is possible with the creative "line of life

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, Children were not only the performers but were active participants in developing the story, finding costumes, creating new songs, poems, arranging props and also creating local music. Once the general script was written, teenagers invented and improvised all the dialogues of the play. As such, every rehearsal was a way of improving the strength of the characters, inviting realism onto the stage. Interested by our work, two Rock'n wood NGO volunteers came to capture our process, we proposed three different theatre sessions. Each of the workshops ran during ten days, 2018.

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L. and U. Clg,

, we decided to articulate the third play around an international story, adapting it to Nepali society. We used one small story by Anton Chekhov, a Russian playwright, and created characters such as doctors and nurses, lawyers, film stars, teachers and film directors