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, Fatty acid-based radically polymerizable monomers: from novel polyacrylates to cutting-edge properties

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, Synthesis and self-assembly of Xylan-based amphiphiles: from bio-based vesicles to antifungal properties

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, Preparation of amphiphilic poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly(?-butyrolactone) diblock copolymer via ring opening polymerization catalyzed by a cyclic trimeric phosphazene base or alkali alkoxide

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, Biocompatible unimolecular micelles obtained via the Passerini reaction as versatile nanocarriers for potential medical applications

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, Development of Morphologically Discrete PEG-PDLLA Nanotubes for Precision Nanomedicine Wauters, Annelies; Pijpers, Imke; Mason, Alexander

L. Abdelmohsen and . Hest,

Y. ;. Zhang, . Meng, ;. Hao, . Sun, ;. Huanli et al., Smart polymersomes dually functionalized with cRGD and fusogenic GALA peptides enable specific and high-efficiency cytosolic delivery of apoptotic proteins Yao, Peili

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, bm-2018-01372c.R1 -Cellular Uptake and Intracellular Trafficking of Poly(N-(2-Hydroxypropyl) Methacrylamide)

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, The molecular dance of fibronectin: conformational flexibility leads to functional versatility Mezzenga, Raffaele; Mitsi

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, Self-assembly of stimuli-responsive biohybrid synthetic-b-recombinant block copolypeptides Le Fer, Gaëlle; Wirotius

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J. ;. Zhang, . Hwang, ;. Jongkook, M. ;. Antonietti, B. Schmidt et al., -water Pickering emulsion stabilized by polydopamine particles and crosslinking

, A straightforward route to superhydrophilic poly(2-oxazoline)s via acylation of welldefined polyethylenimine

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, Architecture of the Hydrophilic Glycopolymer Brush on the Surface of Polymeric Micelles Affects the Interaction with Cancer Cells Lu, Mingxia; Khine, YeeYee; Chen, Fan; Cao

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, Sulfonated Copolymers as Heparin-Mimicking Stabiliser of Fibroblast Growth FactorSize, Architecture and Monomer Distribution Effects Bray, Caroline; Gurnani, Pratik

R. ;. Peltier, . Perrier, and D. Sebastien,