, Let ? > ? > 0 and ? = {µ k , µ k + e ??µ k , µ k + e ??µ k ; k ? N * }. Then, 2018.

, One can directly verify that the grouping defined by 2020 G k := µ k , µ k + e ??µ k

. |p-g-k, = |µ k ? (µ k + e ??µ k )| |µ k ? (µ k + e ??µ k )| = e ?(?+?)µ k, p.2023

. |p-g-k, ??µ k )| = |µ k + e ??µ k ? µ k | |µ k + e ??µ k ? (µ k + e ??µ k )

. |p-g-k, ??µ k )| = |µ k + e ??µ k ? µ k | |µ k + e ??µ k ? (µ k + e ??µ k )

, Thus, as 2? < ? + ?, we obtain c(?) = ? + ?, 2032.

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