, Sin(?i)=si, Cos(?i)=ci with i=1 to 3 Maple symbolic calculations: with(Groebner), Notations

, =-392*c2*s1-(9475/100)*c2*c3*

, =c1*c2*c3-c1*c2*s3-c1*c3*s2-c1*s2*s3-c2*c3*s1-c2*s1*s3-c3*s1*s2 +s1*s2*s3

, =-c2*c3*s1-c1*c3*s2+c3*s1*s2-c1*c2*s3+c2*s1*s3+c1*s2*s3c1*c2*c3+s1*s2*s3-sqrt

, Groebner polynomial basis: EQ1:-54258895713987415992*sqrt, p.388332180977704960809

, +922584152329361887232*s3^2+(874147898398981466624*sqrt

, )+1575385983048+(1662712247616*sqrt(2) +6097273168)*, *s3 EQ2:-6060151255*sqrt

, *s3+4564384400*s1 EQ4:-2024917716*sqrt(2)+15578795+(-264196352*sqrt

, *s3+2104986688*c3 EQ5:-4479561+1179448*sqrt(2)+5331200*c2 EQ6:-493215819*sqrt(2)-4049835432+(-4274324544*sqrt

, *s3+4564384400*c1 Figure 39: Symbolic calculation for the example shown in Figure 38

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