, Thus the p ? + l-ball contains at most bq vertices. Since a tetrahedron is a 4-tuple of vertices, we see that the number of tetrahedra in L(z) is bounded

, Repair" is a best first region growing which increases O using a heap Q as the method in Sec. 3.3. Thus, it can be shown (as in Sec. 5.3) that the number of "while" iterations is O(g + q 0 ) where g is the number of grown tetrahedra and q 0 the number of tetrahedra in the initialization of heap Q. Furthermore, the complexity of one "while" iteration is O(d + log(g + q 0 )) as in Sec. 5.3. In the Repair case, q 0 = O(1) (since |L i | = O(1)) and g ? g 0 . We see that the complexity of one, L i is O(1) for every v i (thanks to H2 and H3)

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