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L. For, Within the history, the files must then be grouped as a data collection 2016) for further parallel processing by the xcms.xcmsSet tool. The use of a data collection therefore speeds up this computer intensive step After peak detection, the collection of xset.RData outputs, together with a sampleMetadata file indicating the classes, are merged with the xcms.xcmsSet Merger tool before the grouping step (xcms.group) More details about the use of data collection for LC- MS data preprocessing can be found: 1) in the following tutorial: http://download.workflow4metabolomics.org/docs/170510_galaxy_xcms_dataset_col lection.m4v 2) and on the 'W4M_sacurine-subset_parallel-preprocessing' public history: https://galaxy.workflow4metabolomics.org/history/list_published NMR NMR preprocessing tools currently work with Bruker files. Each sample directory should be organized with acquisition run and process numbered " 1 " (Table 1 and Fig. 8; upper right) Sample directories should then be gathered in a single parent directory, which should in turn be zipped before upload into W4M. 1.2.2. Preprocessed data (for normalization, quality control, statistical analysis, and annotation tools