VizieR Online Data Catalog: ATLASGAL inner Galaxy massive cold dust clumps (Wienen+, 2015)

Abstract : ATLASGAL clumps with observed radial velocities are divided into groups of sources, which are coherent according to their location and kinematics. We calculate kinematic distances to 689 groups of submm clumps and distinguish between near and far distances using HI self-absorption and HI absorption toward sources with strong radio continuum emission. For each complex we give the group number, the mean position, number of sources per group, the mean velocity, the velocity dispersion, and the size of the groups. No velocity dispersion and size are calculated for sources, which are not associated with another ATLASGAL source within 0.3 deg and 10km/s. If the number of sources is 0 in a complex, there were initially velocities of sources, but the complex is not taken into account because of missing HI data and no distance could be determined. In addition, for each source within the groups, we list the ATLASGAL name associated with the measurement, the observation name, the LSR velocity, the KDA solution, the kinematic distance calculated from the LSR velocity of each source, the distance of the group, in which the clump is located, its errors, the logarithm of the gas mass, radius and the group number with "n" for sources in the first quadrant and "s" for clumps in the fourth quadrant. Some sources were observed, but are not associated with an ATLASGAL source, because they have ammonia spectra with low S/N ratio. To describe the KDA solution we denote the near distance by "n", the far distance by "f" and the tangent point by "t". The distance of the group is computed from the mean of all source coordinates and velocities inside the group. To avoid any influence of peculiar motion, we recommend the distance of the group, which is used to determine gas masses and sizes. A few sources have velocities inconsistent with the rotation model and we do not assign a distance to them. Clumps with velocities close to 0km/s have large errors in the distance. Because these sources are located at the near distance, we give 0kpc and do not take them into account for further analysis in the paper. (2 data files).
Liste complète des métadonnées
Contributor : Marie-Paule Pomies <>
Submitted on : Wednesday, February 24, 2016 - 8:58:46 AM
Last modification on : Friday, April 5, 2019 - 8:23:59 PM




M., Wienen, F., Wyrowski, K. M., Menten, J. S., Urquhart, T., Csengeri, et al.. VizieR Online Data Catalog: ATLASGAL inner Galaxy massive cold dust clumps (Wienen+, 2015). 2016. ⟨hal-01278266⟩



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