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T. Gallina and T. , Christie, where she developed a competence in the field of stereospecific analysis of triglycerides and chromatographic and FT-IR analysis of trans (E) fatty acids She is a founding member and coordinator of the OLIVE OIL SENSORY PANEL, recognized by Italian Ministry of Agricolture, of the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences (DISTAL) She is the UNIBO coordinator of the project UNIBO POR FESR 2007/2013 Action 3 and took part, as coordinator of her research group, in European projects (ECROPOLIS -Organic Sensory Information System, 7th FP Grant agreement n. 218477-2 ) She's teacher of Food Analysis and Applications of Unit Operations (LM Chemistry, Food Technology L), tutor of more than fifty Degree and National and International Doctorate thesis, referee of several international journals and evaluator for the Italian ANVUR (VQR 2004-10) She is co-author of more than one hundred publications, most of which internationally indexed (h-index: 19/Scopus), she is Operational Manager of the Agri-Food Center of Applied Research, coordinator of the research group of Instrumental and Sensory Analysis, Pharmaceutical Chemistry in " 90. In " 92 she worked in Scotlandalimenti ) and of the Food Waste Innovation Centre and President of the UNIBO Equal Opportunity Committee. She is co-editor of the Italian Journal of Food Science

B. Riccò, Italy); in 1975 received a Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge (U.K.) where he worked at the Cavendish Laboratory; in 1980 became Full Professor of Electronics at the University of Padua (Italy) and in 1983 at the University of Bologna (Italy); in the period 1981 ? 1986 he was Visiting Professor at the University of Stanford, at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center (Yorktown Heights) and at the University of Washington; from 1986 to 1996 was European Editor of the IEEE Transaction on Electron Devices; in 1995 received the G. Marconi Award for research by the Italian Association of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (AEI); 1998 became President of the Italian Group of Electronics Engineers; in 1999 was appointed European representative for the International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM); in 1999 founded the first university spin-off in Italy; in 2002 he has been elected Chairman of the IEEE North Italy Section, 2003 was nominated Fellow of the IEEE. Member of the Wlfson College of Cambridge (UK). Centennial Chair at the Indian Institute of Science Prof. Riccò has worked in the field of microelectronics and is (co-) author of over 450 publications (h-index Google Scholar 38), more than half published on major international Journals, 1971.