VizieR Online Data Catalog: Multi-resolution images of M33 (Boquien+, 2015)

Abstract : The FITS file contains maps of the flux in star formation tracing bands, maps of the SFR, maps of the attenuation in star formation tracing bands, and a map of the stellar mass of M33, each from a resolution of 8"/pixel to 512"/pixel. The FUV GALEX data from NGS were obtained directly from the GALEX website through GALEXVIEW. The observation was carried out on 25 November 2003 for a total exposure time of 3334s. Hα+[NII] observations were carried out in November 1995 on the Burrel Schmidt telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory. The observations and the data processing are analysed in detail in Hoopes & Walterbos (2000ApJ...541..597H). The Spitzer IRAC 8um image sensitive to the emission of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) and the MIPS 24um image sensitive to the emission of Very Small Grains (VSG) were obtained from the NASA Extragalactic Database and have been analysed by Hinz et al. (2004ApJS..154..259H) and Verley et al. (2007A&A...476.1161V, Cat. J/A+A/476/1161). The PACS data at 70um and 100um, which are sensitive to the warm dust heated by massive stars, come from two different programmes. The 100um image was obtained in the context of the Herschel HerM33es open time key project (Kramer et al., 2010A&A...518L..67K, observation ID 1342189079 and 1342189080). The observation was carried out in parallel mode on 7 January 2010 for a duration of 6.3h. It consisted in 2 orthogonal scans at a speed of 20"/s, with a leg length of 7'. The 70um image was obtained as a follow-up open time cycle 2 programme (OT2mboquien4, observation ID 1342247408 and 1342247409). M33 was scanned on 25 June 2012 at a speed of 20"/s in 2 orthogonal directions over 50' with 5 repetitions of this scheme in order to match the depth of the 100um image. The total duration of the observation was 9.9h. The cube, cube.fits files, contains 16 extensions: * FUV * HALPHA * 8 * 24 * 70 * 100 * SFR_FUV * SFR_HALPHA * SFR_24 * SFR_70 * SFR_100 * SFRFUV24 * SFRHALPHA24 * A_FUV * A_HALPHA * MSTAR Each extension od FITS file content 505 "versions". For each extension , the FITS header indicates the positions (RA/DEC) (via the keywords CRVAL/CTYPE/CRPIX/CD), the number of pixels (via the keyword NAXIS), as well as the units (UNIT) and the resolution in human reading format (RESOL). The number of pixels, the sizes, and the coordinates change for one "version" to an other. But these quantities are identical for the different extensions which have the same version name. The two primary keys are the extension name and the version number. The version number indicates the resolution: version+8=resolution in arcsec/pixel.
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Contributor : Marie-Paule Pomies <>
Submitted on : Tuesday, June 2, 2015 - 8:45:51 AM
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M., Boquien, D., Calzetti, S., Aalto, A., Boselli, J. Braine, et al.. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Multi-resolution images of M33 (Boquien+, 2015). 2015. ⟨hal-01158780⟩



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