Detection of Very High Energy γ-ray Emission from the Perseus Cluster Head-Tail Galaxy IC 310 by the MAGIC Telescopes

J. Aleksić L. A. Antonelli P. Antoranz M. Backes J. A. Barrio D. Bastieri J. Becerra González W. Bednarek A. Berdyugin K. Berger E. Bernardini A. Biland O. Blanch R. K. Bock A. Boller G. Bonnoli P. Bordas D. Borla Tridon V. Bosch-Ramon D. Bose I. Braun T. Bretz M. Camara A. Cañellas E. Carmona A. Carosi P. Colin E. Colombo J. L. Contreras J. Cortina L. Cossio S. Covino F. Dazzi A. De Angelis E. De Cea del Pozo B. De Lotto M. De Maria F. De Sabata C. Delgado Mendez A. Diago Ortega M. Doert A. Domínguez D. Dominis Prester D. Dorner M. Doro D. Elsaesser M. Errando D. Ferenc M. V. Fonseca L. Font R. J. García López M. Garczarczyk G. Giavitto N. Godinović D. Hadasch A. Herrero D. Hildebrand D. Höhne-Mönch J. Hose D. Hrupec T. Jogler S. Klepser T. Krähenbühl D. Kranich J. Krause A. La Barbera E. Leonardo E. Lindfors S. Lombardi F. Longo M. López E. Lorenz P. Majumdar M. Makariev G. Maneva N. Mankuzhiyil K. Mannheim L. Maraschi M. Mariotti M. Martínez D. Mazin M. Meucci J. M. Miranda R. Mirzoyan H. Miyamoto J. Moldón A. Moralejo D. Nieto K. Nilsson R. Orito I. Oya R. Paoletti J. M. Paredes S. Partini M. Pasanen F. Pauss R. G. Pegna M. A. Perez-Torres M. Persic L. Peruzzo J. Pochon F. Prada P. G. Prada Moroni E. Prandini N. Puchades I. Puljak I. Reichardt R. Reinthal W. Rhode M. Ribó J. Rico S. Rügamer A. Saggion K. Saito T. Y. Saito M. Salvati M. Sánchez-Conde K. Satalecka V. Scalzotto V. Scapin C. Schultz T. Schweizer M. Shayduk S. N. Shore A. Sierpowska-Bartosik A. Sillanpää J. Sitarek D. Sobczynska F. Spanier S. Spiro A. Stamerra B. Steinke J. Storz N. Strah J. C. Struebig T. Suric L. Takalo F. Tavecchio P. Temnikov T. Terzić D. Tescaro M. Teshima D. F. Torres H. Vankov R. M. Wagner Q. Weitzel V. Zabalza F. Zandanel R. Zanin A. Neronov C. Pfrommer A. Pinzke D.V. Semikoz 1
APC - UMR 7164 - AstroParticule et Cosmologie, Institut für theoretische Physik
Abstract : We report on the detection with the MAGIC telescopes of very high energy (VHE) γ-rays from IC 310, a head-tail radio galaxy in the Perseus galaxy cluster, observed during the interval 2008 November to 2010 February. The Fermi satellite has also detected this galaxy. The source is detected by MAGIC at a high statistical significance of 7.6σ in 20.6 hr of stereo data. The observed spectral energy distribution is flat with a differential spectral index of -2.00 ± 0.14. The mean flux above 300 GeV, between 2009 October and 2010 February, (3.1 ± 0.5) × 10-12 cm-2 s-1, corresponds to (2.5 ± 0.4)% of Crab Nebula units. Only an upper limit, of 1.9% of Crab Nebula units above 300 GeV, was obtained with the 2008 data. This, together with strong hints (>3σ) of flares in the middle of 2009 October and November, implies that the emission is variable. The MAGIC results favor a scenario with the VHE emission originating from the inner jet close to the central engine. More complicated models than a simple one-zone synchrotron self-Compton (SSC) scenario, e.g., multi-zone SSC, external Compton, or hadronic, may be required to explain the very flat spectrum and its extension over more than three orders of magnitude in energy.
Contributor : Dmitri Semikoz <>
Submitted on : Monday, September 10, 2012 - 10:39:56 PM
Last modification on : Tuesday, October 11, 2016 - 1:25:31 PM





J. Aleksić, L. A. Antonelli, P. Antoranz, M. Backes, J. A. Barrio, et al.. Detection of Very High Energy γ-ray Emission from the Perseus Cluster Head-Tail Galaxy IC 310 by the MAGIC Telescopes. Astrophysical Journal Letters, 2010, 723, pp.L207-L212. <10.1088/2041-8205/723/2/L207>. <hal-00730700>




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