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Spectroscopic properties Biomaterials Thin films Luminescence Verres de chalcogénure Glass transition Electrical conductivity Neutron diffraction Moyen infrarouge Thin film Chalcogenides Supercontinuum generation Chitosan Perovskite Glass ceramics Oxidative stress Oxynitride Energy transfer Nanoparticles Infrared spectroscopy Chalcohalide glasses D Optical properties Chalcogenide fibers Photonic crystal fibers Hardness Rare earths Fibers EXAFS Absorption Biocompatibility Laser Optical fiber A Chalcogenides Infrarouge Mid-IR Structure Selenium compounds Nonlinear optics Refractive index Mid-infrared Mechanical properties Photoluminescence Glasses Upconversion Chalcogénures Dysprosium Thermal stability Bioactive glass Crystallization Nanotechnology Antimony oxide Bioactive glasses Optical materials Infrared Fluorescence Bioglass Synthesis Chalcogenide glasses Glass-ceramics Rare earth Up-conversion Fibres optiques Microstructured optical fibers Sintering X-ray diffraction Fiber lasers Photocatalysis Chalcogenide glass Optical fibers Amorphous materials Germanium Chemical synthesis Verre de chalcogénure Chalcohalide glass Chalcohalides Raman spectroscopy Erbium Ionic conductivity Antimony compounds Infrared glasses Hydroxyapatite Chalcogenide Mechanical milling Pulsed laser deposition Rare-earth Infrared fibers Bioactivity Glass Infrared transmission Optical properties Germanium compounds Melting A Optical materials Verres de chalcogénures Ceramics Far-infrared A Glasses Tellurite glasses Optical spectroscopy Sensors

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