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FMHex20 database for metropolitan France and neighboring regions


Description : This illustration is from the FMHex20 database for metropolitan France and neighboring regions. (a) Stereographic projections (lower hemisphere) of individual focal mechanisms. Symbol sizes are proportional to magnitudes. White dashed boxes indicate regional figures in the supplementary material. (b) Average grid fault style. Blue (1): normal, yellow (0): lateral slip, red (1): reverse. Symbol size is inversely proportional to standard deviations s (large: s 0.25, medium: 0.25 < s 0.5, small: s > 0.5). (c) and (d) Average grid orientations of the quasi-horizontal axes P (red) and T (blue). Light-colored fan shapes indicate standard deviations s. The FMHex20 database is a product of the Hazards axis of the Resif-Epos Seismicity Transverse Action. Résif-Epos is a national research infrastructure dedicated to the observation and understanding of the structure and dynamics of the Internal Earth. Résif is based on high-tech observation networks, composed of seismological, geodetic and gravimetric instruments deployed in a dense manner throughout France. The data collected make it possible to study with high spatial and temporal resolution the deformation of the ground, surface and deep structures, seismicity on a local and global scale and natural hazards, and more particularly seismic events, on French territory. Résif is part of the European (Epos - European Plate Observing System) and global systems of instruments used to image the Earth's interior as a whole and to study many natural phenomena.
Contributor : Véronique Bertrand <>
Submitted on : Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 8:27:40 AM
Last modification on : Friday, March 26, 2021 - 3:24:06 AM