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Rouen Business School aims to take part in this increased activity of rethinking business by producing knowledge of a scientific nature intended for our students, future managers of tomorrow’s businesses, but also for the school’s stakeholders (companies, regulatory authority, public authorities, local authorities, etc.) by seeking to transform this knowledge into applied research partnerships.In order to accomplish such a mission, Rouen Business School can count on a team of 80 permanent faculty organised into four research groups and on the ‘Maison de l’Entrepreneuriat et de l’Innovation’ (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre).Each research group brings together a multi-disciplinary scientific team of teaching-research faculty focusing on a research theme which provides a framework for their activity over a four-year period.

HAL- Rouen Business School

HAL-Rouen Business School is the institutional open archive repository for Rouen Business School scientific work : peer reviewed , non peer reviewed articles, books, books chapters, research reports, communications...
HAL-Rouen Business School aims to :
-ensuring research results dissemination of Rouen Business School faculty Community
-increasing scientific visibility of the institution
-ensuring data sustainability of the repository
-placing Rouen Business School into the International Open Access Movement

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Publications by Research Group

Responsible Finance Research Group

Markets, Brands & experiences Research Group

Young People and Responsible Consumption Research Group (-2012)

Customer, Retail and Supply Chain Research Group (-2012)

Operations, Decision systems & Uncertainty Research Group

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center Research Group

Contemporary P@thway of Career, Life and Learning

Research Group

Publications by subject

Economy and Econometry
Business Law and Taxation
Accounting, Management Control, Audit
Supply Chain and Operational Research
Languages, Culture and Societies
Human Resource Management and Organisation
Strategy and business policies
Information Systems
Entrepreneurship and Innovation