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Collagen membrane Alumina ANKLE ARTHROPLASTY AFM Amyloid imaging Austenite formation Damage After-heat treatment Zircone Alzheimer’s disease Aluminum COBALT - CHROMIUM ALLOY Alpha prime martensite COBALT Complications Zirconia B TEM Bioreactor Strength Aluminosilicates Bone substitutes Sintering Bioceramics X-ray tomography Bioactive glasses Aluminium nitride Assembly Bending test Ceramic Co-sintering in a single step Cardiac reoperation Inflammation Porous material Ceramics Accelerated tests Ceramic materials Cobalt superalloy Biomaterial Anti-VEGF Ceramic matrix composites Scanning electron microscopy A Ceramic Chemistry and Materials ScienceChemistry and Materials Science Assembly method Silicon-substituted hydroxyapatite Packaging Amyloidoses Calcium phosphate Mechanical properties Alkaline earth Beta-amyloid fibrils Copper Ceramic nano-composites Ranibizumab FRACTURE ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITY Power electronics Average particle size Bevacizumab Epidemiology AGENTS Alpha alumina Spark Plasma Sintering 3D technology 3-D packaging Digital image correlation Bonding processes Antifungal activity Antibacterial activity Bactericidal surfaces A mettre sous Hal Aging C Oxidation High temperature Age-related macular degeneration CBED 3D power module structures Biomaterials Microstructure Arthritis CHEVILLE Structural transformations Antimicrobial activity Biocompatibility BIOMECANIQUE Composites Ageing Atomic force microscopy Hip replacement prosthesis Semiconductor device packaging Bonding Porous ceramics Gypsum Biofilm Architectured Materials Aortic stenosis X ray diffraction Aging resistance Plaster Bacterial adhesion