Here is the updated scientific production of the HADAS research team (Heterogenous autonomous distributed data services), part of the research area "Data and Knowledge Processing at Large Scale" within the LIG, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory.

In recent years, the HADAS group research has been revisiting data management components and exploiting service-based approach for designing adaptable data management systems. Semantics is at the heart of this research as it is used at all levels of the process of designing or composing data services for handling autonomy, dynamic behavior and heterogeneity of both users and data sources.

The current activities of the group are centered on the following themes:
  • Accessing data in large-scale systems:
    • a first aspect concerns multi-criteria query optimization in distributed and dynamic systems;
    • a second aspect deals with mining large amounts of data to extract patterns of interest.

  • Composing data services in a dynamic way: we investigate models, algorithms and tools for:
    • coordinating services with non functional properties (contracts),
    • providing access to heterogeneous data coming from services.

  • Reasoning on data semantics: we investigate different models and algorithms for querying data (or ressources) through possibly heterogeneous and distributed ontologies.

  • Data and Knowledge Processing at Large Scale
  • Infrastructure, Knowledge
  • Artificial Intelligence, Reasoning and inference
  • Information management systems, Databases , Data discovery and composition, Distributed semantic integration, Data querying, Sensor data management , Data mining , Very large data sets, WWW models and technologies, Semantic web, Ontologies
  • Distributed systems, Middleware, Mobility
  • Context: models and adaptation

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