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Here is the updated scientific production of the PRIMA-INRIA project-team (Perception, recognition and integration for interactive environments), part of the research area "Interactive and Cognitive Systems" within the LIG, Grenoble Informatics Laboratory.

The overall goal of the PRIMA project-team is to work out a scientific foundation for interactive environments. An interactive environment requires the capabilities of perception, action and communication.
The PRIMA project-team mission is to develop and integrate these three capabilities:
  • the ability to perceive and model the environment and its contents,
  • the ability to act by offering information or services, or by transporting materials,
  • the ability to communicate and interact with occupants.

The PRIMA project-team concerns the development of techniques for machine perception of people and their activities.
The research is organized along four axes:
  • Multi-modal observation and tracking of people
  • Integration and control of perceptual processes
  • New forms of man-machine interaction
  • Recognition and learning guided by the context of interaction

  • Interactive and Cognitive Systems
  • Interaction
  • Man-machine interaction, Human-Computer Interface engineering, Dialogue, Context: models and adaptation, Human-Computer Interaction, Decision and action, Computer Graphics, Interfaces with virtual worlds , Intelligent computers and robotics

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