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The group works on the following research fields:

The two first domains are strongly related by the nature of the methods that are used, namely theory of automata and combinatorics on words. They constitute a research field that may be called symbolic signal processing. The applications of this field are data compression, constraint channel coding, and more generally all problems concerned with algorithms on sequences of symbols.

The computational genomics research group is concerned with algorithmic and statistical treatment of sequences of molecules viewed as sequences of symbols, and also on recent topics of interest as comparative genomics and interaction networks.

The computational linguistics group is involved in research with applications in language processing. We have, on the one hand, short-term activities in information retrieval and information extraction, and on the other hand, activities motivated by a longer-term strategy : construction and exploitation of language resources (lexicons and grammars). Some members of the team divide their activity between these two types, or have shifted between them during the recent years, establishing between them the links and synergy that are the hallmark of the team.


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