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Le Laboratoire de Génie informatique, de Production et de Maintenance (EA3096) is a lab in industrial engineering, production and maintenance located in Metz, and organized into three thematic groups:

  • ASE (Architecture for Embedded Systems): Design of embedded electronic systems which are communicating, versatile and safe
  • GIL (Industrial Management and Logistics): Decision making systems; optimization problems related to production, transportation, storage; lot sizing problems; combinatorial optimization for supply chain management
  • MPM (Management of Production and Maintenance): Maintenance and reliability, optimization of maintenance policies under various constraints: subcontracting, quality, environment, leasing

The research unit is supported by ENIM, Université de Lorraine and ICN Business School Nancy, Metz. The research activities are oriented into bringing solutions to the industrial problems, often having interdisciplinary characters. The main contributions are carried on the conception, planning, improvement and optimization of logistics systems. The principle tools and methods used are simulation, operations research and combinatorial optimization.

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