It’s a great pleasure to welcome you to Waikiki for this joint ISROMAC / ISIMet conference. Many scientific issues related to rotating machinery and relevant fluid dynamics are addressed in the thirty-two forums of ISROMAC 16. In addition, the increasing use of non-intrusive flow metrology to investigate complex flows is also highlighted in this first edition of the ISIMet symposium. We have several inspiring invited lectures, great keynote speeches, and I believe that you will all enjoy the outstanding scientific content of this joint event.

I would like to thank the forum organizers, who have put forth great efforts in the last year, especially in conducting the review process for all of the submitted papers. It has certainly increased the scientific quality of all contributions. In this process, we have arrangements to directly publish the highest rated papers in several journals including: the Journal of Fluids engineering, the European Journal of Mechanics, and the Journal of Turbomachinery. This process will occur over the next few months. All other papers will be published in an online, open-access archive, with permanent access for the scientific community. Lastly, more than 400 abstracts have been submitted, and there will be more than 300 talks presented in the technical sessions.

I believe that the present ISIMet conference is the first of many promising events to come, where we intend to attract and feature different colleague approaches to image based metrology in various scientific communities. I am also confident that following ISROMAC events will continue to grow in attendance and scope and will be a conference that the scientific and engineering communities are excited to attend.

This will be an event to enjoy both inside and outside the venue, the Sheraton Waikiki, I trust you will all make time for both attending the excellent sessions and exploring beautiful Oahu.

Kind regards,

Olivier Coutier-Delgosha, Conference chair

Olivier Coutier-Delgosha



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