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Defect states Fluides complexes X-ray absorption spectra Diamond Femtosecond probes of molecules in solids and of molecular solids Photocrystallography Liquid crystals Surface tension III-V semiconductors Metal-insulator transitions and other electronic transitions Elemental semiconductors Plasmon Gold LIESST Silicon Electronic structure Local density approximation Inorganic compounds Conduction bands Amorphous carbon Liquid-crystal Scanning tunneling microscopy Density functional theory Water Hot electrons Differential scanning calorimetry Neutron Nanoconfinement Adsorption Photoluminescence Graphene Nanostructured materials Ultrafast spectroscopy Organic compounds Electronic band structure Current density Computer Simulation Electrons chauds Neutron diffraction X-ray diffraction Dynamical structural science Diffuse scattering Spectroscopic ellipsometry Crystallographic aspects of phase transformations Iron Spin-crossover XPS Molecular simulation Phase transitions Structure électronique Neutron scattering Electrodes Aperiodicity Time-resolved diffraction Femtochemistry Inclusions Ultrafast pump/probe spectroscopy X-ray detectors Metals Diffusion de neutrons Schottky barriers Spin transition Crystal structure Magnesium compounds Confinement Ellipsometry Electron emission Phase transition Monte Carlo methods Crystallography Band structure Interfaces Crystallographic superspace Magnetic properties Chemical Defects Heterometallic complexes Laser spectroscopy Molecular dynamics Epitaxial layers Spin crossover Cooperativity FTIR Density functional calculations Gradient and other corrections 8CB Cyclam Hybrid materials Energy gap Atomic Pauli exclusion principle Raman spectroscopy Diffraction Condensed matter electrical Chalcogenides Electro-optic materials Quantum dots Quenched disorder Amorphous semiconductors X-ray photoelectron spectra

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