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Coherence Applied physics Space groups Iron N-heterocyclic carbenes Ultrafast spectroscopy Aperiodic crystals Bond cleavage Neutron diffraction Inclusions Blue phosphors Laser spectroscopy Boron Photoinduced transition Diffuse scattering RELAXATION ACL Amino acids Beam choppers 8CB Photochemistry Alkane/urea crystals Alkane/urea Photomagnetism Apériodicité 10-phenanthroline Aperiodic composite crystals High pressure Time resolved spectroscopy X-ray diffraction Spin transition Regioselectivity Palladium LIESST Aperiodicity Photoinduced Structure elucidation Nonequilibrium processes Monte Carlo methods Acetylenic compounds AP Time-resolved X-ray scattering Polymorphism Heterometallic complexes Dynamical structural science And phase transitions Avalanches X-Ray diffraction Crystallographic superspace TTF-CA Phase transition Time-resolved diffraction Biological evaluation Dienes Photo-crystallography Organic compounds Anti-bacterial activity Au nanoclusters Anion-ordering transition Density functional calculations Allylic substitution Time-resolved spectroscopy ALKALI-METAL-ION Differential scanning calorimetry Femtosecond probes of molecules in solids and of molecular solids Gold Ab initio calculations Inorganic compounds Diffraction Cavitands And nanoscale systems structure and nonelectronic properties Femtochemistry Phase transitions Synthesis chemical Biphenyl Crystal structure Cooperativity Spin-crossover Neutron scattering Calixarenes Alcane/urée Lattice constants Crystallography Luminescence Photocrystallography Alkynes Intersystem crossing Spin crossover Absorption spectroscopy Charge transfer Bis-cyclometallated complexes X-ray absorption spectroscopy Bins BOND Copper Biological sciences Biochemistry Biophysics Magnetic properties Crystallographic aspects of phase transformations Pressure effects