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Participate in the 1st HAL event of INSA Group: submit your work and boost the number of publications of your laboratory in HAL

Event organized in Lyon in collaboration with the Ecole Centrale de Lyon and the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1


For more than a year, our institutions - INSA Lyon, Ecole Centrale de Lyon and University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 - reinforce their commitment to open access by helping to deploy and develop HAL in laboratories.


Whether through a portal or a collection, your scientific output is disseminated and promoted on HAL thanks to the deposits of your publications. In our establishments, the resources thus created give access to the full text in 25% of cases, which corresponds to the national average. But we could significantly increase this figure!


For this purpose, during the whole month of April, we will work for you during a HALathon, marathon of the deposit of the full text of your publications in HAL.

How does it work?

- from April 1st to 30th, send us the files of your publications (preferably post-print, ie the last version accepted for publication, without publisher layout)

- we take care of checking the filing fees given by the publishers and the compliance with the law for a Digital Republic

- if possible, we will deposit these files in HAL, creating if necessary the descriptive note

 As stated by HAL, the sending of the full text must be done in agreement with the co-authors.



We are also at your disposal during open days organized on both campus (École Centrale and La Doua) to receive your files, help you create your IdHAL, answer all your questions ...

In addition to these open doors, several exhibitions around open access are available.



Claire Viennois, INSA Lyon

Nicolas Jardin, Ecole Centrale de Lyon

Christelle Cheval and Lauriane Pillet, University Claude Bernard Lyon 1