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Discussion Paper Series is a collection of informal documents that present unpolished results of research or analysis in the field of humanities. They are circulated to encourage discussions and comments as tangible outputs of works by researchers affiliated to the Fondation France-Japon de l’EHESS. Since January 2018, the Discussion Papers are submitted to a peer review system ensuring accurateness and academic excellence.


The main themes of FFJ are:

  • Diversity of capitalisms and institutional changes
  • New geopolitical reordering in a changing world (Africa-Asia)
  • Thinking innovation through interactions between sciences, culture and society
  • Firms and industries
  • Inequalities and social policies




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General Purpose Technology Exchange rates Factorial vignette survey Europe Dschang Stakeholder Value Disabled Persons Survey Methods Patent data Personal mobility Acceptability Elderly Social impact Economic performance Carpooling Innovation Nonlinearity Korea Institutional change Karōshi Shareholder Value Intelligent system Cameroon Innovative power train Artificial Intelligence Institutional hierarchy Patent Acquisition Employment Public expenditure Monetary rule AMAP Hollowing out Public finance Research and development Productivity Trust Bike taxi Emotion Bayesian estimation Nonregular Employment France Automotive industry POS Data Electric vehicle Kinetography Laban Public policy Redistribution Fairness DSGE Model Opération Villes Mortes Car-sharing Renewable energy Agribusiness R&D Motion Labor Care robots Just income Autonomous vehicle Food democracy Social policy Corporate Governance Robotics Japan Political economy Structural reforms Hysteresis Liberalization Autonomus car Shared mobility Human-machine interaction New mobility Institutional complementarities Horizon 2020 New technologies Government Fuel efficiency Mobility Fringe Benefits Regulatory Authority Liquidity trap Disruptive Innovation EU Artificial inteligence Japanese manufacturing Employment Inequalities Non-regular employment Inequality Employment systems Organic farming Diffusion of innovation Driving range Photovoltaic industry Agricultural policy Development Government policy Comparison Local transport periodic markets Developmental state Cooperative economics