Apidologie is the official journal of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA, France) and of the Deutscher Imkerbund e.V. (D.I.B., Germany). It was launched in 1970 by merging two pre-existing journals : ‘Les Annales de l’Abeille’ (France) and ‘Zeitschrift für Bienenforschung’ (Germany).

This archive allows you to access all the articles published in Apidologie from 1970 to date, in pdf format. As for the oldest articles, published from 1958 to 1968 in Les Annales de l’Abeille, they are available at this other link.

Apidologie publishes original research articles, reviews and scientific notes on the biology of insects belonging to the superfamily Apoidea (Michener, 1944), the term “biology” being used in the broader sense. The main topics include : behavior, ecology, pollination, genetics, physiology, toxicology and pathology. Systematic research can also be submitted to the extent that it concerns the Apoidea. Also accepted are research papers, including economic studies, on the rearing, exploitation and practical use of Apoidea and their products, as far as they make a clear contribution to the understanding of bee biology.

Apidologie is a peer-reviewed journal and publishes 6 issues/year. The current publisher is Springer (since 2011). More information about this journal is available on Springer website.

If you are interested in publishing in Apidologie, please submit your article via our online submission system, by clicking here.