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Publications of ARCHAM (Archéologie des Amériques) UMR8096


From the shores of the Arctic Ocean to the Andean peaks and passing through tropical forests and deserts, native societies of the vast American continent not only domesticated plants and animals but also developed a wide range of strategies to take full advantage of their natural environment. Independent of the Old World, they developed their own forms of social organization and ways in which to understand the world, which, in turn, force us to rethink some preconceived notions concerning ancient societies and their evolution.


Through research programs established in Arctic regions, Mesoamerica, the Andes, the Amazon Basin, and the Caribbean, Archéologie des Amériques Department (ArchAm) researchers and doctoral students study the civilizations that populated the American continent since before the arrival of the Europeans.


ArchAm finds its common ground by means of interrelated research questions, and through the study of material culture tries to appreciate the diverse facets of ancient American societies: settlement patterns and adaptation to their natural environment, social and political organization systems, techno-economic systems, and their worldviews and ritual practices. Our research is founded on interdisciplinary programs developed in close collaboration with institutions in host countries responsible for archaeological patrimony and research, as well as with numerous national and international scientific collaborators.


The HAL publications portal of the ArchAm department makes available the bibliographic records of works written by its members (articles, book chapters, books, conference proceedings, dictionary entries, encyclopedia); as well as the full text of articles, book chapters, conference proceedings when permitted by the publisher.

All the bibliographic records of the production between 1958 and today are available and can be consulted online on a Zotero library, which today contains around 2000 academic works and more than 800 research works defended since 1973.


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