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Absolute or Convective instability in the equatorial Pacific and implications for ENSO
Thual S., Thual O., Dewitte B.
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society 139, 672 (2013) 600-606 [hal-00951092 - version 1]
Modelling the interannual variability (1979-2012) of the Mediterranean open-sea deep convection using a coupled regional climate system model
Somot S., Testor P., Durrieu De Madron X., Houpert L., Herrmann M., Dubois C., Sevault F.
Dans EGU General Assembly 2013 - EGU General Assembly 2013, Autriche (2013) [hal-00920706 - version 1]
Exploring the relation between sea level rise and shoreline erosion using sea level reconstructions: an example in French Polynesia
Le Cozannet G., Garcin M., Petitjean L., Cazenave A., Becker M., Meyssignac B., Walker P., Devilliers C., Le Brun O., Lecacheux S. et al
Journal of Coastal Research 65 (Special Issue) (2013) pp. 2137-2142 [hal-00818882 - version 1]
An Asymptotic Expansion for the Recharge-Discharge Model of ENSO
Thual S., Dewitte B., Ayoub N., Thual O.
Journal of Physical Oceanography 43 (2013) 1407-1416 [hal-00951088 - version 1]
Finescale Vertical Structure of the Upwelling System off Southern Peru as Observed from Glider Data
Pietri A., Testor P., Echevin V., Chaigneau A., Mortier L., Eldin G., Grados C.
Journal of Physical Oceanography 43 (2013) 631-646 [hal-00873423 - version 1]
fulltext access Large-scale hydrologic and hydrodynamic modelling of the Amazon River basin
Paiva R. Cauduro Dias De, Buarque D. Costa, Collischonn W., Bonnet M.-P., Frappart F., Calmant S., Mendes C. André Bulhoes
Water Resources Research 49, 3 (2013) 1226-1243 [hal-00873165 - version 1]
An assessment of the mixed layer salinity budget in the tropical Pacific Ocean. Observations and modelling (1990-2009)
Hasson A., Delcroix T., Dussin R.
Ocean Dynamics 63, 2-3 (2013) 179-194 [hal-00798735 - version 1]
fulltext access Rare Earth Concentrations and Nd isotopes reveal exchange processes along the East Pacific Rise, South East Pacific Ocean
Jeandel C., Delattre H., Grenier M., Pradoux C., Lacan F.
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 14, 2 (2013) 328-341 [hal-00848535 - version 1]
On the global estimates of geostrophic and Ekman surface currents
Sudre J., Maes C., Garçon V.
Limnology and Oceanography 3 (2013) 1-20 [hal-00798745 - version 1]
fulltext access From the subtropics to the central equatorial Pacific Ocean: neodymium isotopic composition and rare earth element concentration variations
Grenier M., Jeandel C., Lacan F., Vance D., Venchiarutti C., Cros A., Cravatte S.
Journal Of Geophysical Research Oceans 118 (2013) 592-618 [hal-00848507 - version 1]
Rare earth element analysis in natural waters by multiple isotope dilution - sector field ICP-MS
Rousseau T.C.C., Sonke J.E., Chmeleff J., Candaudap F., Lacan F., Boaventura G., Seyler P., Jeandel C.
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry (2013) 10.1039/c3ja30332b [hal-00848758 - version 1]
fulltext access Reagentless and silicate interference free electrochemical phosphate determination in seawater
Jońca J., Giraud W., Barus C., Comtat M., Striebig N., Thouron D., Garçon V.
Electrochimica Acta vol. 88 (2013) pp. 165-169 [hal-00877769 - version 1]
Solomon Sea circulation and water mass modifications: response at ENSO timescales
Mélet A., Gourdeau L., Verron J., Djath N.
Ocean Dynamics 63, 1 (2013) 1-19 [hal-00798617 - version 1]
Observation-Based Estimates of Surface Cooling Inhibition by Heavy Rainfall under Tropical Cyclones
Jourdain N. C., Lengaigne M., Vialard J., Madec G., Menkès C. E., Vincent E. M., Jullien S., Barnier B.
Journal of Physical Oceanography 43 (2013) 205-221 [hal-00833030 - version 1]
Freshwater from the Bay of Biscay shelves in 2009
Reverdin G., Marié L., Lazure P., D'Ovidio F., Boutin J., Testor P., Martin N., Lourenço A., Gaillard F., Lavin A. et al
Journal of Marine Systems 109 (2013) S134-S143 [hal-00815151 - version 1]