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fulltext access Case studies of ozone transport between North America and Europe in summer 2000
Guerova G., Bey I., Attié J.-L., Martin R.V.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 5, 4 (2005) 6127-6184 [hal-00327955 - version 1]
Genesis of andesitic-boninitic magmas at mid-ocean ridges by melting of hydrated peridotites: Geochemical evidence from DSDP Site 334 gabbronorites
Nonnotte P., Ceuleneer G., Benoit M.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 236 (3-4) (2005) 632-653 [hal-00112881 - version 1]
Age and significance of ruby-bearing marble from the Red River Shear Zone, northern Vietnam
Garnier V., Ohnenstetter D., Giuliani G., Maluski H., Deloule E., Trong T.P., Van L.P., Quang V.H.
The Canadian Mineralogist 43 (2005) 1315-1329 [hal-00323637 - version 1]
Cretaceous alkaline intra-plate magmatism in the Ecuadorian Oriente Basin: Geochemical, geochronological and tectonic evidence
Barragán R., Baby P., Duncan R.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 236 (2005) 670-690 [hal-00323116 - version 1]
Fluid density control on vapor-liquid partitioning of metals in hydrothermal systems
Pokrovski G. S., Roux J., Harrichoury J.-C.
Geology 33 (2005) 657 [hal-00317326 - version 1]
fulltext access Mid-latitude Tropospheric Ozone Columns from the MOZAIC program: climatology and interannual variability
Zbinden R.M., Cammas J.-P., Thouret V., Nedelec P., Karcher F., Simon P.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 5, 4 (2005) 5489-5540 [hal-00327952 - version 1]
fulltext access Tropopause referenced ozone climatology and inter-annual variability (1994-2003) from the MOZAIC programme
Thouret V., Cammas J.-P., Sauvage B., Athier G., Zbinden R., Nédélec P., Simon P., Karcher F.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 5, 4 (2005) 5441-5488 [hal-00327950 - version 1]
fulltext access Hydrological response to different time scales of climatological drought: an evaluation of the standardized precipitation index in a mountainous mediterranean basin
Vicente-Serrano S.M., López-Moreno J.I.
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions Discussions 2, 4 (2005) 1221-1246 [hal-00330786 - version 1]
fulltext access A simple modeling approach to study the regional impact of a Mediterranean forest isoprene emission on anthropogenic plumes
Cortinovis J., Solmon F., Serça D., Sarrat C., Rosset R.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 5, 7 (2005) 1929 [hal-00328397 - version 1]
fulltext access First current density measurements in the ring current region using simultaneous multi-spacecraft CLUSTER-FGM data
Vallat C., Dandouras I., Dunlop M., Balogh A., Lucek E., Parks G.K., Wilber M., Roelof E.C., Chanteur G., Rème H.
Annales Geophysicae 23, 5 (2005) 1849-1865 [hal-00329419 - version 1]
fulltext access Statistics of high-altitude and high-latitude O+ ion outflows observed by Cluster/CIS
Arvelius S., Yamauchi M., Nilsson H., Lundin R., Hobara Y., Rème H., Bavassano-Cattaneo M.B., Paschmann G., Korth A., Kistler L.M. et al
Annales Geophysicae 23, 5 (2005) 1909-1916 [hal-00329420 - version 1]
fulltext access Dissipation scales in the Earth's plasma sheet estimated from Cluster measurements
Vörös Z., Baumjohann W., Nakamura R., Runov A., Volwerk M., Schwarzl H., Balogh A., Rème H.
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics 12, 5 (2005) 725-732 [hal-00331086 - version 1]
Vertical particle flux in the northeast Atlantic Ocean (POMME experiment).
Guieu C., Roy-Barman M., Leblond N., Jeandel C., Souhaut M., Le Cann B., Dufour A., Bournot C.
Journal of Geophysical Research C: Oceans 110 (2005) C07S18 [hal-00308610 - version 1]
Richard J.
Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III (20/07/2005), Roser PELLO Jean-Paul KNEIB (Dir.) [tel-00011648 - version 1]
Geochemistry of Adakites from the Philippines: Constraints on Their Origins
Jego S., Maury R. C., Polve M., Yumul Jr. G. P., Bellon H., Tamayo Jr. R. A., Cotten J.
Ressource Geology 55 (3) (2005) 163-187 [hal-00114344 - version 1]