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(Intermittent claudications)
Becker F., Boissel J.P., Boissier C., Bounameaux H., Camelot G., Constans J., Duboc D., Favre J.P., Hayoz D., Jego P. et al
Journal des maladies vasculaires 30, 4 Pt 3 (2005) 4S13-28 [ujm-00440327 - version 1]
A Conjunction FTE Event of Cluster and TC1 on Jan 04,2005: A preliminary study
Pu Z., Wang J., Dunlop M.W., Zhang X., Zhou X., Fu S.Y., Xiao C., Zong Q., Carr C., Reme H. et al
Cluster and Double Star Symposium: 5th Anniversary of Cluster in Space, Netherlands (2005) [insu-00381303 - version 1]
Geodetic displacements and aftershocks following the 2001 Mw = 8.4 Peru earthquake: Implications for the mechanics of the earthquake cycle along subduction zones
Perfettini H., Avouac J.-P., Ruegg J.-C.
Journal of Geophysical Research 110 (2005) 09404 [hal-00323826 - version 1]
Wave energy dissipation by phase mixing in magnetic coronal plasmas
Craig I.J.D., Fruit G.
Astronomy and Astrophysics 440 (2005) 357-366 [hal-00321140 - version 1]
Fe Mg Interdiffusion in (Mg,Fe)O
Mackwell S. J., Bystricky M., Sproni C.
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 32 (2005) 418-425 [hal-00320087 - version 1]
Experimental hydrothermal alteration of crystalline and radiation-damaged pyrochlore
Geisler T., Seydoux-Guillaume A.-M., Poeml P., Golla-Schindler U., Berndt J., Wirth R., Pollok K., Janssen A., Putnis A.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 344 (2005) 17-23 [hal-00319379 - version 1]
Fe-Al-organic Colloids Control of Trace Elements in Peat Soil Solutions: Results of Ultrafiltration and Dialysis
Pokrovsky O. S., Dupré B., Schott J.
Aquatic Geochemistry 11, 3 (2005) 241-278 [hal-00316089 - version 1]
fulltext access Comment on 'A class of exact two-dimensional kinetic current sheet equilibria' by Peter H. Yoon and Anthony T. Y. Lui
Génot V.
Journal of Geophysical Research 110 (2005) 09214 [hal-00013107 - version 1]
Measuring improved distances to nearby galaxies: Thae Araucaria project.
Gieren W., Pietrzynski G., Bresolin F., Kudritzki R.-P., Minniti D., Urbaneja M., Soszynski I., Storm J., Fouque P., Bono G. et al
The Messenger 121 (2005) 23-28 [hal-00175192 - version 1]
A coupled kinetic/fluid proto-electron modelling approach as a diagnostic tool for ground-based/satellite events
Simon C., Lilensten J., Moen J., Barthelemy M., Reme H., Lavraud B.
12th EISCAT International Workshop, Sweden (2005) [insu-00365052 - version 1]
The CDPP data base: a tool for the EISCAT community
Lathuillere C., Pitout F., Pibaret B., Alcayde D., Génot V.
The 12th EISCAT International Workshop, Sweden (2005) [insu-00362126 - version 1]
fulltext access Floodplain water storage in the Negro River basin estimated from microwave remote sensing of inundation area and water levels
Frappart F., Seyler F., Martinez J.-M., Leon J. G., Cazenave A.
Remote Sensing of Environment 99 (2005) 387-399 [ird-00385169 - version 1]
fulltext access Case studies of ozone transport between North America and Europe in summer 2000
Guerova G., Bey I., Attié J.-L., Martin R.V.
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions 5, 4 (2005) 6127-6184 [hal-00327955 - version 1]
Genesis of andesitic-boninitic magmas at mid-ocean ridges by melting of hydrated peridotites: Geochemical evidence from DSDP Site 334 gabbronorites
Nonnotte P., Ceuleneer G., Benoit M.
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 236 (3-4) (2005) 632-653 [hal-00112881 - version 1]
Age and significance of ruby-bearing marble from the Red River Shear Zone, northern Vietnam
Garnier V., Ohnenstetter D., Giuliani G., Maluski H., Deloule E., Trong T.P., Van L.P., Quang V.H.
The Canadian Mineralogist 43 (2005) 1315-1329 [hal-00323637 - version 1]