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Thermochronologicals data and denudation history along a transect between Cha-aral and Pedernales ( 26¼ S), north Chilean Andes: orogenic implications
Nalpas T., Hérail G., Mpodozis C., Riquelme R., Clavero J., Dabard M.-P.
6th International Symposium on Andean Geodynamics, Spain (2005) [hal-00114275 - version 1]
fulltext access Dynamical effects of subducting ridges: Insights from 3-D laboratory models
Martinod J., Funiciello F., Faccenna C., Labanieh S., Regard V.
Geophysical Journal International 163 (2005) 1137-1150 [hal-00537033 - version 1]
" Present-day functioning of saline round lakes in the Pantanal Wetland, Brazil ".
Furquim S.A.C., Sakamoto A., Graham R., Barbiéro L., Fort M.
6th International Conference on Geomorphology, Spain (2005) [hal-00333573 - version 1]
(Intermittent claudications)
Becker F., Boissel J.P., Boissier C., Bounameaux H., Camelot G., Constans J., Duboc D., Favre J.P., Hayoz D., Jego P. et al
Journal des maladies vasculaires 30, 4 Pt 3 (2005) 4S13-28 [ujm-00440327 - version 1]
A Conjunction FTE Event of Cluster and TC1 on Jan 04,2005: A preliminary study
Pu Z., Wang J., Dunlop M.W., Zhang X., Zhou X., Fu S.Y., Xiao C., Zong Q., Carr C., Reme H. et al
Cluster and Double Star Symposium: 5th Anniversary of Cluster in Space, Netherlands (2005) [insu-00381303 - version 1]
Geodetic displacements and aftershocks following the 2001 Mw = 8.4 Peru earthquake: Implications for the mechanics of the earthquake cycle along subduction zones
Perfettini H., Avouac J.-P., Ruegg J.-C.
Journal of Geophysical Research 110 (2005) 09404 [hal-00323826 - version 1]
Wave energy dissipation by phase mixing in magnetic coronal plasmas
Craig I.J.D., Fruit G.
Astronomy and Astrophysics 440 (2005) 357-366 [hal-00321140 - version 1]
Fe Mg Interdiffusion in (Mg,Fe)O
Mackwell S. J., Bystricky M., Sproni C.
Physics and Chemistry of Minerals 32 (2005) 418-425 [hal-00320087 - version 1]
Experimental hydrothermal alteration of crystalline and radiation-damaged pyrochlore
Geisler T., Seydoux-Guillaume A.-M., Poeml P., Golla-Schindler U., Berndt J., Wirth R., Pollok K., Janssen A., Putnis A.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 344 (2005) 17-23 [hal-00319379 - version 1]
Fe-Al-organic Colloids Control of Trace Elements in Peat Soil Solutions: Results of Ultrafiltration and Dialysis
Pokrovsky O. S., Dupré B., Schott J.
Aquatic Geochemistry 11, 3 (2005) 241-278 [hal-00316089 - version 1]
fulltext access Comment on 'A class of exact two-dimensional kinetic current sheet equilibria' by Peter H. Yoon and Anthony T. Y. Lui
Génot V.
Journal of Geophysical Research 110 (2005) 09214 [hal-00013107 - version 1]
Measuring improved distances to nearby galaxies: Thae Araucaria project.
Gieren W., Pietrzynski G., Bresolin F., Kudritzki R.-P., Minniti D., Urbaneja M., Soszynski I., Storm J., Fouque P., Bono G. et al
The Messenger 121 (2005) 23-28 [hal-00175192 - version 1]
A coupled kinetic/fluid proto-electron modelling approach as a diagnostic tool for ground-based/satellite events
Simon C., Lilensten J., Moen J., Barthelemy M., Reme H., Lavraud B.
12th EISCAT International Workshop, Sweden (2005) [insu-00365052 - version 1]
The CDPP data base: a tool for the EISCAT community
Lathuillere C., Pitout F., Pibaret B., Alcayde D., Génot V.
The 12th EISCAT International Workshop, Sweden (2005) [insu-00362126 - version 1]
fulltext access Floodplain water storage in the Negro River basin estimated from microwave remote sensing of inundation area and water levels
Frappart F., Seyler F., Martinez J.-M., Leon J. G., Cazenave A.
Remote Sensing of Environment 99 (2005) 387-399 [ird-00385169 - version 1]