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fulltext access Lower hybrid counter-current drive experiment in JET
Basiuk V., Goniche M., Artaud J.F., Ekedahl A., Imbeaux F., Mailloux J., Mazon D., Peysson Y.
[hal-00002038 - version 1] (2005-04-27)
fulltext access On the origin of cosmological magnetic fields by plasma instabilities
Schlickeiser R.
[hal-00002076 - version 2] (2005-01-06)
fulltext access A new experimental technique for investigation of plasma generated with plasmotrons in electrophysical installations
Khomich V., Kumkova I.I., Zheleznov Y.
[hal-00003202 - version 2] (2004-11-16)
fulltext access The influences of the Magnetic Shear on the Improvement of the Quality of the Confinement in Plasma of Tokamak
Elmouden M., Saifaoui D., Dezairi A., Imzi H., Rouak A.
[hal-00003168 - version 1] (2004-11-11)
fulltext access ELM triggering conditions for the integrated modeling of H-mode plasmas
Pankin A.Y., Bateman G., Brennan D.P., Schnack D.D., Snyder P.B., Voitsekhovitch I., Kritz A.H., Janeschitz G., Kruger S., Onjun T. et al
[hal-00003167 - version 1] (2004-11-08)
fulltext access On non-zero space average density perturbation effects in tokamak plasma reflectometer signals
Heuraux S., Sabot R., Da Silva F., Sirinelli A., Blanco E., Clairet F., Hennequin P., Leclert G., Vermare L.
[hal-00003160 - version 1] (24/10/2004)
fulltext access Structure Formation by Modulational Interaction between Lower-Hybrid Waves and Dispersive Alfve'n Waves
Hall J.-O., Shukla P. K., Eliasson B.
[hal-00003154 - version 1] (23/10/2004)
fulltext access Review of Results from the FN-II Dense Plasma Focus Machine
Herrera Velazquez J. J. E., Castillo F., Gamboa I., Espinosa G., Golzarri J. I., Rangel J.
[hal-00003153 - version 1] (23/10/2004)
fulltext access Estimation of Power Balance in Steady State LHCD Discharges on TRIAM-1M
Sugata T., Hanada K., Imamura N., Sakamoto M., Zushi H., Idei H., Iyomasa A., Kawasaki S., Sato K., Nakashima H. et al
[hal-00003151 - version 1] (2004-10-23)
fulltext access Marginal Confinement in Tokamaks by Inductive Electric Field
Martin P., Puerta J., Castro E.
[hal-00003147 - version 1] (2004-11-16)
fulltext access Turbulence in a toroidal magnetized plasma investigated by collective light scattering: plasma form factor and plasma diffusion
Lemoine N., Grésillon D.
[hal-00003149 - version 1] (2004-10-23)
fulltext access Investigation of Voltage and Current Variations in a Multiphase AC Electric Arc System
Rutberg P., Safronov A., Popov S., Surov A., Nakonechny G.
[hal-00003137 - version 1] (2004-10-22)
fulltext access Potential of a moving test charge in a dusty plasma in the presence of grain size distribution and grain charging dynamics
Raadu M. A., Shafiq M.
[hal-00003135 - version 1] (2004-10-22)
fulltext access Some Results of Researches of Powerful Pulse Discharges in Dense Gas Media
Rutberg P., Bogomaz A., Budin A., Kolikov V., Pinchuk M.
[hal-00003134 - version 1] (2004-10-22)
fulltext access The Electric Discharge in Superhigh Density Gas at Current Amplitude up to 5x10^5 A
Rutberg P., Bogomaz A., Budin A., Pinchuk M., Savvateev A.
[hal-00003133 - version 1] (2004-10-22)
fulltext access Plasma turbulence measured by fast sweep reflectometry on TORE SUPRA
Clairet F., Vermare L., Heuraux S., Leclert G.
[hal-00003132 - version 1] (22/10/2004)
fulltext access Whistler wave compression in nonstationary magnetized plasma
Kostrov A. V., Gushchin M., Korobkov S., Strikovsky A.
[hal-00003130 - version 1] (2004-10-22)
fulltext access Reconstruction of the magnetic perturbation in a toroidal force-free circular plasma: application to the Reversed Field Pinch
Terranova D., Zanca P.
[hal-00003118 - version 1] (2004-10-21)
fulltext access Melting of 2D Coulomb clusters in dusty plasmas
Ichiki R., Ivanov Y., Wolter M., Kawai Y., Melzer A.
[hal-00003106 - version 1] (20/10/2004)
Ferreira J. L., Campos De Souza J. H., Da Silveira Rêgo I., Ferreira I. S.
[hal-00003100 - version 1] (2004-10-20)